1776 USA Lead-Free Sporting Ammunition was engineered to keep hard working Americans in the fight. We have coupled 1776 USA brass with a cutting-edge Lead-Free bullet to provide a low-cost Lead-Free solution for the Sporting Ammunition Industry.  This newly patent pending projectile is lead-free and wrapped in a Nylon jacket to increase cartridge efficiency – Less blow-by, Less barrel wear, and Less fouling to keep you shooting longer, safer, and at a super affordable price.  These rounds are high speed, paper punching, steel clanging, environment saving, and guaranteed to let your freedom ring!



  • Training
  • Plinking
  • Indoor ranges
  • Outdoor ranges
  • Steel shoots

Currently available in these calibers

380 AUTO

Part number: 1776380070

Grain weight (g): 70

Velocity (fps): 1150

Application: Target/Range


    Part number: 1776009090

    Grain weight (g): 90

    Velocity (fps): 1350

    Application: Target/Range

        40 S&W

        Part number: 1776040115

        Grain weight (g): 115

        Velocity (fps): 1350

        Application: Target/Range


          Part number: 1776010125

          Grain weight (g): 125

          Velocity (fps): 1350

          Application: Target/Range

          45 AUTO

          Part number: 1776045140

          Grain weight (g): 140

          Velocity (fps): 1150

          Application: Target/Range


          Innovative designs, technical product development, efficient manufacturing operations and a dedicated workforce allow 1776 USA to maintain a high level of quality, consistency, and productivity.

          American Made

          1776 USA products are proudly American made and our team is committed to providing both the product and support for the next generation of ammunition.



          1776 USA is the leader in Lead•Free Sporting Ammunition. 1776 USA brass components are the industry standard and benchmark for American made cartridge brass.

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